AR Drone 2.0 First Flight (Video Tutorial)

Updated: March 24, 2014

We just got our Parrot AR Drone 2.0, and after studying the documentation and familiarizing ourselves with the iPhone app, we’re ready for our first outdoors flight at a local park.

The AR Drone 2.0 was a snap to set up, and we literally went from unboxing to airborne in a minute.

Shows how quick you can get this pre-assembled drone in the air, even with three kids on hand (as you’ll hear in the video). My daughter, 6, also shot some of the footage, so it’s a little shaky but is a real look at what it takes to get your AR Drone 2.0 off the ground.

Good luck. And be sure to practice at a wide-open park with few spectators.

At, we charge the batteries ourselves before shipping, but it usually takes an hour and a half when your battery is fresh off the shelf.

I like to use the guard ring on my first few flights until I get the hang of how the drone navigates. You’ll probably also want to turn on absolute control for the first few flights, so you can control the drone easily without having to steer as if you’re on board. If you want to get risky and do flips, you’ll also have to turn on that option.

The last settings change I like to make is to allow for more than the 3 meters in terms of how high you can fly outdoors. Otherwise your drone will be flying dangerously low to the ground.

Other than that, locate the “landing” button so you can safely land your drone if you run into any trouble … which you will, trust me.

Good luck!

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